World Distance Learning Day – August 31, 2021

World Distance Learning Day is celebrated on August 31 to welcome learning outside of the physical classroom. It could be a remote learning program or a mix of in-classroom and home learning.

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By Oli

Under the COVID-19 pandemic circumstances, students across the world are studying at home through online classrooms. In recent times, the internet revolutionized distance learning, there is a lot of high-quality online curriculum and courses and it transforms education programs. It is online educational opportunities that have made learning possible for millions of students across countries through technological devices.

It started in 1728 in Boston when Caleb Phillips started delivering his lessons via mail on a weekly basis. Then, in the 1840s, England's Sir Isaac Pitman took the idea one step further. He would exchange mails with his students. They would send him their work. He would then correct it and send it back to them. Pitman's course became popular and the Phonographic Correspondence Society was established and by 1873 the first correspondence school to operate in the U.S was founded.

Then universities began expanding with distance learning options in the 1960s. In 1984, the first online course arrived and now the COVID-19 pandemic forced schools to move their classrooms online.

World Distance Learning Day was established to raise awareness of the learning resources and options that are available to students. Being part of the future learning process, it is important to celebrate the concept of distance education which has advanced over the years.

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