How to throw a virtual football party on SpatialChat

Ready to kick off your UEFA EURO 2020 adventure in SpatialChat? Whether you’re an experienced football fan or just want to be part of the football madness – let’s start planning!

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By Oli

We prepared a space for you to check out!

Decorate your space

Yoo-hoo! You don't have to worry about decorating your entire living room! Just use these backgrounds

What's even better? You don't have to worry about cleaning the space after a party either! Add gifs and photos of your favorite players!

Use official guide to find the streaming platform.

Check out these examples:

Download full-size backgrounds that you can use in your SpatialChat rooms here:

Wear themed outfit

Even if your favorite team isn't playing, you can still wear a football-themed (or food-themed, if you like) outfit to position yourself alongside like-minded people (om nom nom). Turn on your camera and show it!

Organize Themed Food & Alcohol Drop-off

You don't have to have a million football-shaped dishes but come on! This is the time to get totally cheesy and go all out on some team-themed and sports-themed food.

Up your standard happy hour game by having drinks delivered right to your guests. You can use delivery services to drop off your friends' favorite six-packs or give them mixers and garnishes for a fun cocktail.

Socially-Distanced "Potluck"

A potluck party means that each guest contributes a dish, tableware, or drinks. In the coronovirus era, everyone can still make their favorite football game snack and show it off on camera.

It's not entirely impossible to organize food drop-offs and deliver mini snack spreads to each other, too!

Pre-game With Your Favorite Sports Movie

For a pre party, host a room to watch your favorite sports movies. Don't forget to synchronize the video!

Games, Games, Games

Turn watching the game into a game itself! There are plenty of Football inspired games you can play over SpatialChat, from football trivia to sports-themed Scattergories to Foosball online. Here are a few ideas:

Football Trivia

Do you remember who won the first football world cup? It's time to demonstrate the knowledge! Prepare hyper-specific and strange sports trivia. Don't be too serious, the more random you go, the better! For instance, what favorite movies of all the players are, who they're currently rumored to be dating and how many socks have they had in their lives.  Pour your heart and soul into making it fun!

Karaoke: Sports Edition

Show must go on! Perform your favorite song that's even slightly related to sports. Use a megaphone feature so that everyone can hear you!

Set Some Drinking Game Rules

Take a drink when a Football commercial makes a reference to these "unprecedented times." Make up whatever rules you see fit or check out lists from Fansided or Delish for more idea starters.

"That's Ma Boy!"

Everyone picks a player to adopt. Every time the player is shown on the screen you shout, "That's ma boy!". If the player is doing great, you must sob and say how proud you are to have raised such a fine young man.

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