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By Atis Silis
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Distracting noises in the background, such as a phone ringing, dog barking, cars, people, etc. can shift our attention by activating the same circuit of nerves that we use when focusing on specific sounds. But how do you remove background noise and echo in your virtual meetings?

In SpatialChat, we use Krisp to keep professional conversations during our virtual meetings, online events and virtual engagement.

What is Krisp?

Krisp is an AI-powered software solution that gives professionals the tools they need to communicate effectively in online meetings. With features, such as bi-directional Noise Cancellation, that work on any online conferencing solution, Krisp enables professionals across departments, companies, and industries to feel more confident and professional during their virtual calls with coworkers and customers.

In addition to Noise Cancellation, Krisp offers Voice Cancellation and Echo Cancellation tools to detect and eliminate all unwanted noise, as well as Virtual Backgrounds that remove visual distractions during every online meeting.

This provides professionals with the flexibility to work remotely–or in the office–without compromising the focus and productivity of any meeting. And for individuals and organizations looking to improve their communication and engagement skills, Krisp provides personalized insights on how much participants talk during an interaction, as well as how many minutes are spent on calls each day, and the amount of noise being filtered by Krisp.

Thanks to this detailed data, individuals can thoroughly understand their specific conversational habits and take action to enhance back-and-forth discussions and improve engagement

Krisp’s audio and video capabilities work together to eliminate distracting background sounds and visuals and give users the ability to engage confidently and professionally in virtual meetings regardless of their immediate environment.  


Noise Cancellation: Krisp’s AI-powered noise cancellation removes unwanted background noise bi-directionally, leaving you with HD voice quality in virtual meetings regardless of where you’re working.  

Voice Cancellation: Voice Cancellation removes background voices from outbound audio to decrease meeting distractions and eliminate the need for muting during calls.

Echo Cancellation: Echo Cancellation eliminates both acoustic and room echo to ensure the clarity of your voice during virtual meetings.

Virtual Backgrounds: Krisp’s wide selection of virtual backgrounds give you the opportunity to show up professionally in virtual meetings, eliminating any distracting visuals in your immediate environment and providing you with the privacy of a physical meeting room from the comfort of your home office.

Talk Time: The Talk Time feature gives users the ability to understand their own presence in virtual meetings and make room for more inclusive conversations by indicating what percentage of the meeting time they have spent speaking. The Talk Time is also displayed live on the user’s background during the meeting to give the other call participants an overview of the user’s presence.

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