Password-protected spaces in SpatialChat

SpatialChat spaces are now secure & password protected. Learn how you can activate a password for your space

3 years ago   •   2 min read

By Almas Abulkhairov

Hey everyone.

Last week on Friday August 14th we rolled out an important update that a lot of our users asked for: secure password-protected spaces. We always understood the importance of security, especially in video conferencing product for our customers:

  • SMB companies, as well as Enterprise customers
  • Large universities, where students privacy is crucial
  • In private events

How to turn on password-protected access to your SpatialChat space:

Step 1: login with your admin access link, that you can find in the email that we sent when you created your space. Usually those links look like:<your_space>/<admin_link>
Step #1 - Find your space admin access link

Step 2: use your admin access link to access your space in admin mode. Click on the admin link (shield icon) and click on "Space Password".

Step 3: in the Space Password dialogue enter a password that you want to set for access to your space. Then click on "Lock Space" button.

Great! Now when anyone enters your space at<your_space> they will be required to enter access password in order to login.

Enter the password to you want to set for your space
Now password-protected access is turned ON.

Good to know:

  • you can change your access password at any time
  • when you change your password, your current attendees remain in space, but if they re-enter the space they will have to enter new password
  • for simplicity you will see a special link with the password that you can optionally share to attendees you trust

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