Poster sessions are the events where people present results of their work and discuss them, turn by turn, speaker after speaker.

Usually there are 30 to 150 poster presenters during typical online poster session event, as well as 100-500 participants.

The goal is to prepare the SpatialChat space for poster presentations in advance with the most enjoyable & comfortable experience. So here are easy steps to make awesome poster session event in SpatialChat with minimum efforts on design.

Create a reception (in first room)

So that there's a dedicated person greeting everyone and explaining SpatialChat concept to people who attend such event for the first time.

Poster positioning

No matter how many participants will be attending an online poster session - the most important thing is content alignment.

Use room functionality as following:

  • Put 4 posters per each room, separate room space into 4 quadrants or two halfs (example below)
  • In practice there are also cases of positioning posters into 3x2 imaginative grid
  • create as many rooms as needed, for example if you have N posters, then you'd need at least N/4 rooms (10 rooms for 40 posters, 4 posters in each room)
  • use pin image functionality (in admin mode) to pin all content in advance before the event, so that when your event starts - everything is prepared and all content is set and will not disappear

Add coffee break rooms

Make sure you arrange separate networking rooms as in example below:

Example of coffee break room in SpatialChat (find this background template in your space room background gallery!)

This way there will be a dedicated zone for casual conversation and your attendees will not get lost during the event between all of the rooms.

Use moderation tools while speaker gives presentation

  • Recommend presenters to use Megaphone functionality - so that everyone hears them inside a room
  • Use these moderation practices -
  • Arrange a schedule of presenters (who present at which time / turn)
  • Then group around a poster with poster presenter standing in front of their poster and presenting with Megaphone turned ON (don't forget to remind them to turn it off after they completer with presentation and Q/A around a poster)

Good luck with your poster event!