Stage (Beta) up to 6 speakers and 1000 participants in the same room

Stage (Beta) up to 6 speakers and 1000 participants in the same room

2 years ago   •   5 min read

By Atis Silis

We have released Stage (Beta) and it opens new doors and event concepts for everyone. How to create a stage and how to use it?

Our customers from different fields like conference organizers, event agencies, universities, business owners... asked for the solution that would look like a stage. We didn't wait for long and set it as a priority in development. On 2nd March, we released Stage (Beta) up to 3 speakers and 1000 participants per room and on 23rd of March we released Stage (Beta) up to 6 speakers and 1000 participants per room.

Stage (Beta) makes a big difference for organizers and participants. As we have seen in the past, organizers lose their audience by adding multiple communication tools and slow down the internet connection, but now everything is in one place. It will help You to create complicated event concepts and easily navigate the audience in the right direction.

? How to create and go on Stage (Beta)?
1. Login as admin
2. Add room and choose Stage Room (Beta)
3. "Go on Stage"
4. Share your screen

As we have seen, it is essential to have an option to share your screen. Stage (Beta) screen sharing has been used in multiple ways, for example - presentations, videos, broadcasting, design evaluation, product presentation, business meetings, case study, networking and so on.. Screen sharing is available only for one speaker at a time. Which makes sense, isn't it?

On 2nd April additional updates have been attached:

  1. ? Stage reactions. To get the best virtual event experience, we have added a reaction button. Reactions increase guest engagement while speakers are encouraged by guests.
  2. ? Background customization for the stage, finally arrived!
  3. ✏️ Text description. Now you can share your schedule or invite a speaker by leaving the note on the Stage.
  4. ? Chat reactions. People love when their feedback is appreciated. Now you can add reactions to your favorite comments in the chatbox.
  5. ? Profile updates. Thank you for sending us your feedback and suggestions to improve SpatialChat. As you requested, now guests can change their Profile Data right inside the space without logging out.
  6. ? White labeling. We know how vital is a white label for your events. Our Custom Plan will allow you to customize your space with any logo you want.
  7. ? Still in progress, but now you can customize Welcome Page and require your guests to fill the "About me" field.

? What event organizers say about SpatialChat?

SpatialChat is so fun to use, so much better than Zoom, Teams, Webex, etc. very refreshing take on networking. I thought it was so fun and the platform really unique and awesome! I really felt like I was at a cocktail party. Whoever invented this platform really is a genius!
So much fun at our Team Happy Hour! Great time connecting with colleagues in an interactive way. Perfect for our Team Happy Hour, the breakout rooms were amazing and the platform features are just Awesome!
Hershey Bandong
Executive Assistant
The event was great! We had quite a bit of good feedback on the product and beyond making a couple of rookie mistakes (such as having the music too loud), it was really well received! We would like to use SpatialChat again for our annual conference...
Stephen H. Alter
Director of Conferences and Business
League of American Orchestras
I’m really happy with our recent discovery of the SpatialChat! Great tool to organise meet-ups, team catchups or bigger virtual gatherings.Really easy to setup your virtual space and plenty of room for creativity - Live DJ, gifs, chats - you name it!"
Anastassia Kravtsenko
PR & Events
Oaky - "Nr. 1 Upselling tool for hotels"
I just wanted to reach out to let you know that several of our attendees at our event are very interested in your platform and I know one will likely be reaching out to you directly as they just asked me for your contact details. I suspect you will have some new clients from our event this week.  
Gloria Hammond,
Director Communications & Events
National Golf Course Owners Association Canada
We received a lot of positive feedback on the platform. Many commented that it was the first time in a year that they felt that they were are a real convention. I know several members who said that they plan to subscribe for their own events and team meetings. The tabletop game industry does a lot of social programs and conventions so I see some real synergy with our industry and the software...
John Stacy
Executive Director
Game Manufacturers Association

↗️ More than 1.2M people have attended SpatialChat for their events. What do they say?

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