How to make your online conference more interactive

A conference is primarily about communication, an exchange of knowledge, and an opportunity to talk with opinion leaders and learn something new through contact with new people.

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By Elena

Unfortunately, online conferences often turn into regular YouTube watching. But there is a way to boost your event to an entirely new level.

In this article, we'll tell you how to create a truly interactive and engaging online conference.

Engage your audience before the conference

Describe your tools

One of the essential factors for the success of an event is a prepared audience. People should know how your conference works, what tools you use, and how to interact with them. Ensure your attendees will not get confused and will not miss an opportunity to get involved in the process during the event. For example, write instructions on your website, shoot small videos, tell about it on a podcast, make gifs for social media. Use all available tools to prepare your audience.

Tip: Knowing how to use tools is not always enough to be prepared. Give the audience a chance to try them before the event. You can run a pre-party or a meetup to meet your audience and show your tools.

Talk with your audience

Start communication with your attendees before the event. Use your social media or any other social place to create a friendly and trusting atmosphere for all your participants. Help them open up and prepare for productive communication.

Tip: Start with simple things that require only one action from your participants: use simple games like "solve a rebus" or conduct a poll.

Introduce your audience to each other

People are starting a conversation fastly when they already know each other. Try to introduce your participants to each other in advance. Create a place where they can communicate and team up. For example, hold a hackathon before the conference with prizes from sponsors.

Build a community

According to the "New Power", - community is one of the most powerful tools in the modern world. Learn how to use it correctly, build a strong community around your conference, and you will be invincible. A solid and passionate community will provide you with new interested participants, new ideas, and engagement during the events.

Create an interactive environment during the conference

Place for communication

Create one space where all your attendees can promptly meet each other. Do not divide your audience into many different tools. It will be difficult for the participants to meet each other, and they will be lonely. Instead, make one place for gathering all your participants and place all the interactives there. You can easily do that in SpatialChat with talks on the Stage and breakout rooms for Q&As, an expo with sponsors, and a hallway.

Q&A sessions

One of the simplest and the most interactive thing at the conference is a Q&A session. It is a perfect way for your attendees and speakers to meet each other, talk, and exchange knowledge.

With SpatialChat, you can create the best experience during Q&As. People gather around a speaker as at an offline event and ask their questions. In addition, participants may write questions instead of talking.  The question will pop up like a message above their head. It creates a genuinely safe atmosphere even for the most humble participants.

The Q&A experience in SpatialChat.
Testimonial about Q&A in SpatialChat

Sponsors Booths

Sponsor booths can be a real magnet for your audience. There can be exciting demos, challenges, prize raffles, ask-me-anything sessions, and much more. Companies can be super creative with engaging audience ideas if you give them a comprehensive tool. Learn how to provide the best experience on sponsor booth in SpatialChat here.

Sponsor Booth in SpatialChat


Quests and various games are another great way to entertain the audience and give them a reason to get to know each other. For example, you can develop a quest and place clues in your SpatialChat space. To solve the quest and get the main prize, a participant will need to be active, communicate and meet new people. You can even give a part of the clues to sponsors and speakers.

Keep the conversation going after the conference.


If you have already succeeded in building a community, continue to grow it. Building a solid community is a long and challenging process, but it will pay off.


Collect feedback from all your participants. The most valuable thing for any organizer who wants to make their conferences better is honest feedback. Be attentive and caring towards your attendees, and they will reward you with great ideas.


Building an active audience for an online event is easier than it seems. Use the right tools, and remember that communication is the key to success.

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