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By Atis Silis
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Following customer feedback and needs, we have launched a new room type called Workplace. The Workplace is built for remote teams to get things done while having the feeling of social presence.

The workplace is a room for synchronous co-working. It provides an experience centered around a zoomable canvas and the possibility to use and record multiple simultaneous whiteboards while communicating with your teammates and creating projects/products.


Make your team visible and feel active engagement with a focus on interaction & collaboration (ideation meetings, presentation review, documents edit). It is built for remote teams to focus on tasks and get things done by sharing multiple screens, using a whiteboard, drawing graphics, and adding iframes, images, videos, and pictures... Apart from saving your time on switching between screens and web tabs, it also solves the problem of no sense of isolation among team members.

Why should you use Workplace?

  • The project/product is in focus with more engaging sessions in apps like Miro with full-screen mode. No need to share your screen. (Figma, Mural, Google Docks, Notion, Jira, Confluence, and other tools)
  • You see what your teammates are doing. The main working tool is the mouse pointer. Every arrow appears with the User name, allowing you to see what exactly what the User is doing and keep accountability.
  • You discuss the project simultaneously while continuing to work on it. User bubbles are motionless with no proximity-based sound limits. User sound is carried throughout the Room, so everyone can hear the message.
  • All apps needed are handily pinned so that you start using them when you need them. Position all apps, elements, and documents in a single place and keep them pinned.

How to create and try out the Workplace?

1. If you are new, just hit and press the purple button "Start Meeting." After creating your own Space, press on ADD ROOM and request a Workplace.

2.   If you have been in the SpatialChat community for a while, you can use the first option or drop an email to We will add a workplace room to your chosen Space.

3. If you want just TRY IT OUT, please follow this Space Link to play around in public area, but please don't forget about manners and be kind to other users😉

What is the action plan with the Workplace?

As the Workplace includes complex programming and feature adjustment, we must go step by step to implement all features successfully. Please see the Workplace roadmap below; meanwhile, we will keep working and adding your suggested features.

Step 1: (You can try out now)

  • Black grid board with massive zoom-in/out option;
  • All users’ sound is carried through the entire room;
  • Statically placed avatars on top of the toolbar;
  • User's cursor on the map with the name;
  • Colleagues tracking and focus keeping function;
  • Interact with objects  (ability to share/ move multiple screens, iFrames, Miro whiteboards, videos, images, gifs, Google Docs,  (Fimga, Mural, Notion, Jira, Confluence, and other tools);
  • Broadcast from the Workplace around the entire space;
  • Full-screen and navigation mode (switch between open and pined elements);
  • Frame spectating mode (double click on the element or full screen);
  • Video synchronization and adjustment;
  • Pen on the map;
  • User Tracking and attaching (Presentation mode).

Step 2: (will be available soon)

  • Sticker notes;
  • Co-Browser (Plutoview integration);
  • Invite over to the user;
  • Polish the system for the best experience.

Step 3: (will be added after the big launch)

  • Change the color of your grid background;
  • Size of avatar;
  • Additional App integrations;
  • We will implement your feature suggestions;
  • Polish the system for the best experience.

How could the Workplace help my company?

Workplace combines the collaboration experience of working in several external services in one place with the abilities to communicate, interact with external integrations and record all the results. Workplace co-working flow allows managing a project with a 360-degree approach, from idea to production.

Whether you’re looking to level-up company communication, grow employee engagement or create a great culture, Workplace tackles your most pressing problems. Of course, there are dozens of cases on how to collaborate in the Workplace, but let`s look at the most common use cases.

  1. Meetings - Hold engaging and result-driven meetings. A large canvas allows the creation of a complex layout from multiple interactive elements pinned in the room.

2. Project management - Don`t let the information overload stop you from accomplishing the task. Uploaded everything in the Workplace, sorted the order, and get back on track. The good thing is that when you return to the Workplace, everything will wait for you in the same order as you left it, so you know where to start.


3.  Pair programming -  Yes, it is not enough with one or two or even three screens to code and uses web sources. Add everything in one place next to your hand and save time on your progress. Meanwhile, you can do Pair Coding where each person shares multiple code screens. (VSCODE)

4. Sales  - Planning is the key to success. Take good care of your customers, and they will care for you.  Add planning and pipeline tools to discuss with the rest of the team and keep track of your sales.  

Set the workplace with sales materials and the flow of your pitch. With that approach, you will be ready for the meeting in less than a minute.

5. Brainstorming - Brainstorm with everyone simultaneously, or go on your own to share it later with the rest of the world. Simply attach materials, use a whiteboard to scribble ideas, write down the thoughts and come up with brilliant solutions.

6. Market analysis - Add everything you know about the current market and keep adding the progress to make decisions and long-lasting company goals.


7. Planning - Discuss regular project tasks, managing and editing updates. Use your favorite apps to be more precise while having the feeling of social presents.

8. Legal & Bookkeeper - Yes, open 20 different files to scroll and roll to find the right sentence or thoughts for your current task. Isn`t it productive?

9. Onboarding / Coaching sessions / Interactive Webinars - Build your custom learning experience with any format of elements and focus on instant results.


10. Customer review (Dev, Designers, PM) - Open a project in full-screen mode, sharing several elements on your screen, for example, a Slide presentation with Figma. Thus, together with the team, you create elements you need (Miro blocks, Figma pages, or code commits) or present what has been done editing while receiving feedback.

11. Engagement and Fun - Give yourself and your teammates a good time, add image or web browser games and have fun. Meanwhile, you can run different online tournaments, such as chess, Candy Crush, or drawing/guessing games.

As Workplace is a new room type, we don't have an FAQ, but here is something you might think of.

How can I create a workplace?
In the lower right corner, when you click on the “Add room” button, select the desired type of room, and when you click it, a new room is created.

How to add elements? (Images, videos, gifs...)
As a Space Admin or Team Admin, you can share any objects in the Space (images, GIFs, videos, text&links) with one button on the toolbar. Read More

What is the Iframe?
The Iframe is a new kind of object in SpatialChat that allows you to embed a variety of different content right into your rooms. It can also be used as a survey tool and in multiple activities in which an individual interaction with the object is required. Meaning that the content is not activated simultaneously. Each user will interact differently. Read More

What is a presentation mod, and how to switch it on?
The presentation mod allows you to share your screens, and all users will receive an invitation with the option to accept or decline the presenter view.

How can participants interact with Google Docs and other files?
Let's suppose I want to make my Google presentation available to every user that arrives at the Workplace. The first thing I'll have to do is to share the presentation by clicking on the upper right button "Share." Read More

How many elements can I share in the Workplace?
Now there are no restrictions on the number of elements. But we suggest keeping up to 15 elements, as a slow internet connection for some users might take a longer time.  

How many users will be seen above the toolbar in the Workplace?
Currently, only 7 users are visible.

Where can I see all Workplace guests?

How does the sound spread around the Workplace?
All over the room.

What admin permissions do I have in the Workplace?

What options does the participant have by default?
Guests can share photos, videos, whiteboards, and documents and share the screen, attach items, use chat, use the microphone, turn on the camera, lock an item, start a broadcast, follow users, draw, and turn on the presentation mod function.

Can I make a bigger avatar?
Unfortunately, not at the moment, but we are working on it.

Can I add my background or change the color of the grid board?
Our team is working hard to make it happen in nearest future.

What is the difference between breakout and workplace rooms?
The workplace room is for teams that keep focusing on real-time or synchronous collaboration by simultaneously adding one or several elements or integrations with communication. The workplace has a 6 times larger canvas to zoom in and spread the files/images/screens.

Are you ready to try it out NOW?

1. If you are new, just hit and press the purple button "Start Meeting." After creating your own space, press on ADD ROOM and request a Workplace.

2.   If you have been in the SpatialChat community for a while, you can use the first option or drop an email to We will add a workplace room to your chosen space.

3. If you want just TRY IT OUT, please follow this Space Link to play around in public area, but please don't forget about manners and be kind to other users😉

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