Broadcast in SpatialChat and the updated Free plan

Now admins and hosts can use the Broadcast button, which will enable you to be heard across all rooms in your space.

a year ago   •   1 min read

By Almas Abulkhairov

Dear SpatialChat user,

we’re excited to share a brand new feature with you — The Broadcast!

The Broadcast!

Many of you asked us to make a feature that will enable you to announce something important to all participants in every room, without you moving between the rooms. And we listened!  Now admins and hosts can use the Broadcast button, that will enable you to be heard across all rooms in your space. So if you want to say something important to your entire audience across all rooms in your space, click on the "broadcast" button in the bottom toolbar:

Check your microphone & camera before starting out. When you start - everyone in the entire space will see and hear what you say:

The Broadcast feature is currently in beta and works best with Google Chrome, as always.

The new Free plan

Our free plan is now even cooler: starting from today and until the end of January 2021, SpatialChat is free for up to 25 participants in space with a 3000 participant-minutes daily quota. This way, you can now enjoy SpatialChat with your team or a community for short meetings for free, to be sure that the product works great for you.

Eager to try the new Broadcast? Here's a manual on using the Broadcast in our Help Center.

P.S. We now run regular weekly fireside chats in SpatialChat where you can ask our team anything about the product, purchasing & how-tos.

Click here to attend one of our demos

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