Additional Services

Virtual space for your family, friends, colleagues and business.

In-Event technical support:

  • Onboarding your guests;
  • Ensuring that all your guests can switch on mic and camera;
  • Guiding your guests in the right direction;
  • Providing technical consultations for the event organizers;
  • Advising participants on any technical issues.

Price: $150 /h


  • Replacing SpatialChat logo in the Space and on the Welcome page with your own;
  • Setting up *** URL domain for your space.
  • Email-whitelabel - When whitelabeling is turned on participants will receive an email from the senders domain name - not SpatialChat
  • White-label on the Login page. When you've customised Welcome Page we will carry over this customisation to Login Page automatically.

Day pass users $1000. Included in annual and Pro Plans

Custom domain

$1000, Available for Annual and Pro Plan users

Technical onboarding in SpatialChat:

  • Technical training for you and your colleagues;
  • Technical training for your customers or/and partners;
  • Whitelabeling and space customization service (Logo, *** URL domain, backgrounds, iframe set up, etc.);
  • Sharing best practices on stream recording;
  • Sharing expertise and best practices on your event type;
  • Covering most common challenges you might face;
  • Q & A session.

Price: $150 /h

Event consulting in SpatialChat:

  • Transforming your ideas into event concepts;
  • Providing event schedule by minutes;
  • Providing ideas on engagement increase and your audience guidance;
  • Networking and speaker performances;
  • Sharing games and activities for your audience;
  • Assigning responsibilities to the event staff;
  • Building technical (video, audio, stage) scenario;
  • Sharing tips and tricks.

Price: $150/h

SpatialChat host:

  • Event consulting;
  • Space setup (default backgrounds);
  • Event schedule by minutes;
  • Game host;
  • Physical host at your event.

Price: $1000/ for up to 5h

Analytics report of your space

  • Number of unique attendees in your event;
  • Number of concurrent users in your event;
  • Time your guests spent in the space;
  • Distribution of users by country;
  • No private data is available.

Price: $150

Stage Recording

  • Recording of your Stage sessions (one session is 4 hours max)
  • Stored on iCloud and available as long as you have access to your space with the stage where the recording was made
  • Unlimited recordings for 3 days

Price: $500

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