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Virtual space for your family, friends, colleagues and business.

In-Event technical support:

  • Onboarding your guests,
  • Ensuring that all your guests can switch on the mic and camera,
  • Guiding your guests in the right direction,
  • Providing technical consultations for the event organizers,
  • Advise participants on any technical issues.

Price: $150/1 hour

  • Replacing SpatialChat logo in the Space and on the Welcome page with your own,
  • Pre-entry welcome screen customization.

Day pass users $1000. Included in annual and Pro Plans

Technical onboarding in SpatialChat:

  • Technical training for you and your colleagues;
  • Technical training for your customers or/and partners;
  • Space customization service (Logo, custum domain, backgrounds, iframe set up, etc.);
  • Sharing best practices on stream recording;
  • Sharing expertise and best practices on your event type;
  • Covering the most common challenges you might face;
  • Q & A session.

Price: $150/1 hour

Analytics report of your space

  • Number of unique attendees in your event,
  • Number of concurrent users in your event,
  • Time your guests spent in the space,
  • Distribution of users by country,
  • No private data is available.

Price: $150/1 report

Additional Recording Cloud Storage

  • Recording of your sessions (one session is 4 hours max),
  • Stored on iCloud and available as long as you have access to your space where the recording was made,
  • Additional 50 Units of Recording Cloud Storage.

Price: 500$/1 month

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What is SpatialChat?

SpatialChat is a virtual collaboration hub where distributed teams meet to collaborate, brainstorm and meet to get work done. We provide the collaboration, communication and presentation rooms for your team to talk, brainstorm, gather and work on synchronous tasks.

To learn more about SpatialChat:

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