10 Best Remote Work Tools to Manage Your Team Effectively

There are a lot of apps to use for remote work, but not all of them are equally effective, convenient, and able to meet your project needs. Let’s review the best tools for remote teams to find the one your employees will fall in love with.

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By Oli

By 2025, 36.2 million Americans will work remotely, and the pandemic isn’t the only reason that’s driving businesses to move online. 70% of remote workers also admit that they are more productive when working from home, so the task of the business owner is to support and boost their productivity even more.
One of the ways to do this is to supply remote teams with convenient and effective remote working tools which we are going to overview in this article.

Project Management Tools for Remote Teams

When it comes to project management, choosing the right remote work software is already half the success.

While there are a lot of project management tools for remote teams, two of them are the most popular and outstanding:


Trello is the simplest yet most effective project management tool ever. While it isn’t the best pick for large projects with complicated workflows, it copes with task management perfectly. With it, you can create task entities, set deadlines, change and track a task’s status, and integrate the app with other remote collaboration tools, like Google Drive and Slack. Trello also comes with time tracking and simple workflow automation features.


Jira approaches project management in a more comprehensive way. Being ultimately inspired by Agile development methodology, this is one of the best virtual collaboration tools that is especially suitable for large projects and multiple teams. Almost in the same way as Trello, Jira allows for creating task entities (or issues in Jira) and tracking the performance progress.

The development teams also appreciate the opportunity to work according to either Scrum or Kanban approaches. Jira is also pretty intelligent when it comes to visual reporting, plus it perfectly integrates with most of the business-essential tools like SalesForce, GitHub, and ZenDesk.

Remote Work Tools for Time Tracking

While in remote working mode, using the tools for managing employees and tracking the time they actually spend working becomes essential.

Below are two prominent tools for remote teams to always stay aware of the time it takes them to complete the tasks and their overall efficiency:


This is the most powerful app for time tracking that can be used both individually and for team management. The software is fully customizable so that organizations of every size can make use of the most helpful features. The app also allows for attendance tracking and work schedule planning, as well as management, billing, and reporting.

The insights you can extract from the reports are more than actionable and help with maintaining a work-life balance.


This free remote work software is more suitable for individual workers, such as freelancers and entrepreneurs. To get started with it, you have to choose or create the task you are working on and start clocking your time.

Clockify also works well as an all-in-one workload strategist to help you plan your tasks for a week and stick to the schedule. Billing, invoicing, and reporting tools are also free.

Remote Collaboration Tools

To make your team more effective and create a space where they can work together, suggesting and sharing their ideas, consider using dedicated virtual collaboration tools.

The following two apps are very flexible and effective, plus they can be partially used as project management platforms:


Tracklify is an advanced free tool for remote team collaboration. It is a perfect software for Agile teams that allows them to collaborate effectively, creating tasks and entities and updating each other on the progress.

One of the main benefits of Tracklify is the ability to create and assign tasks automatically to streamline the routine process, plus track time and task statuses, working according to the Kanban methodology.


Monday is another effective platform on the list of remote team management tools. The distinctive feature of the app is the opportunity to create custom dashboards and smartly adjust the workflows to make the team work together effectively.

Monday is also good at reporting, so with its help you can see the big picture, discover the stumbling blocks that need to be overcome, and evaluate the overall success of the team during the specified period.

Video Communication Tools

Video chatting is perhaps the best technology for working remotely since it allows for staying connected to your team and developing corporate spirit, even when the team members are working from different cities, countries, and time zones.

Here is the tool for the remote team that is going to revolutionize the video conferencing experience:

Spatial Chat

Spatial Chat isn’t a remote tool for team video conferencing only. Still, this is one of its most effective use cases. With the help of this app, you can also launch and host an online event of any scale.

What’s more, there are a lot of features to highlight your brand identity during an online event. For example, you can choose personalized backgrounds or add a logo and custom space colors, all while staying assured of the highest-end security and data transfer speed.

Screen Sharing and Recording Tools for Remote Teams

The tools for remote teams that make screen capturing and sharing possible make a lot of sense when you need to better explain how to handle a specific task and show the process to your team members.

Here is what to use for this purpose:


This is an all-in-one remote work software that will be especially effective for those facing the need to explain complex things in a visual and understandable way. iSpring allows you to create screen captures in MP4, making two recordings at the same time - the recording of your screen and your video narration.

The tool comes with a powerful video editor to highlight the most important things and has no limits for recording time.

Remote Instant Chatting Tools

While most of the remote team management tools come with an opportunity to chat right in the tool by tagging a team member the issue is addressed to, most remote workers still prefer instant chatting solutions to have more relaxed conversations at a better response speed.

Below are the top two instant messengers worth paying attention to;


Slack is the leading software among remote work tools. The simple idea to chat in dedicated channels is what makes Slack straightforward and effective. Most of its users prefer to have Slack right on their mobile device to never lose the connection with the team.

Video conferencing and voice call features are also pretty effective, plus Slack integrated with most of the remote work tools we have highlighted above.


Telegram is a well-known messenger for private communication that also boasts of the highest level of security, compared to other apps of this type. Still, a lot of companies find Telegram effective for remote work, and recently, Telegram launched a set of effective features for collaboration.

For example, now it can be used as a group video chat app. It also comes with a screen-sharing feature and noise cancellation, plus you can type a message without wrapping a group video conference.


Working with remote teams shouldn’t be a challenge. With the help of the best tools for remote teams, you will be able to set up an effective working process remotely and keep taking advantage of it by cutting everyday costs and letting your teams stay flexible yet effective.

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